Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gift: the act of giving. Something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion.

I have always felt my photography is a gift. A gift I have always felt the need to share. If I was a millionaire and could pay my bills every month without worries of needing to use my gift to generate an income my family needs to survive, I'd take photos for everyone and just give them away! I'll continue to pray for millionaire status but until then, there are a few sessions that qualify for my services free of charge.

I met this AMAZING family last night at the beach (sort of a chilly evening but you'd never know by the smiles on their faces). This was no ordinary family session....Stacy's sister, Meagan contacted me almost a month ago through my link on NILMDTS. Meg tearfully shared the story of how Stacy and Matt were expecting a baby girl with a diagnosis of anencephaly. My heart ached for them and the journey they were just beginning as they wait for her arrival (due date Christmas Day) constantly knowing her little life would be very short. Meg asked if this was the type of service NILMDTS volunteer photographers could help them with. I assured her I'd do whatever they needed of me....maternity, labor & delivery or portraits in the hospital after her arrival. We decided that a maternity session on the beach at sunset would be appropriate to begin are some of the memories we created in baby Rachel's honor.

Beautiful Stacy is draped in a blanket given to her by a friend...she thinks she wants to wrap Rachel in this for her burial...but can't decide if it would be better served in a place where she can see and touch it for remembrance....

Matt....he's so outgoing and supportive.....and a patient husband and father! I was comfortable with them the minute we met.....

Rachel grows and kicks in Stacy's tummy.....Stacy talks of her personality here.

They have three beautiful children....but desire more....I don't blame them one bit!

She's so loved..........

They wrote her name in the sand.... I was a little surprised at how interested Sam, the youngest, was in the project....he was so intrigued by the ocean but was drawn to the writing in the sand for this photo....Desirae's hearts were perfect!
Stacy's blog is here:

I'm sure our journey together has only just begun.....they are my kind of people. I am happy to share my gift with theirs.


  1. Beautiful Kelly. I nearly cried. I am not sure what it is that the baby has...But I will certainly pray for this couple. Thank you for sharing your gift. God bless you as you do. These pictures and the right up just goes straight to my heart....


  2. Wow Kelly! These pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for doing this.
    Meagan :-)

  3. Kelly,

    Thank you for helping my daughter and her family document the life of their precious Rachel Alice. Your words and pictures are uplifting as well as beautiful.
    Anyone interested in following their journey can go to
    Thank you for your gift and your grace.
    Rachel Paluch (Stacys Mom)